About us

We are a family team with a strong background in early years education and special educational needs. Felicity (owner/ manager) is a qualified Early years professional (level 6) with over ten years experience in the childcare sector. Gemma (Deputy manager/SENCo) is a qualified teacher and Early Years SENCo (level 6) with eight years childcare experience. Our experiences with young children and those with SEN have informed our practice and vision. We strongly believe in the empowerment of children; in teaching children to communicate and manage themselves effectively and in helping children to reach the fullest extent of their potential.

Our vision

Purple Childcare Bristol is an inclusive nursery where everyone is made to feel welcome. We strive to
provide a broad, inspiring and balanced curriculum for all children, so that they can become confident, young individuals. We believe children should be taught the power of their communication and the value of working together through effective partnerships. Our inclusive ethos aims to encourage all children to be actively involved in their own learning. This involves valuing all children and staff equally and reducing barriers to learning and participation.

Our aim

Is to treat each child as an individual, recognising their unique skills and supporting their learning process.

We aim to make our nursery a place where children will:

  • Feel safe and secure.
  • Grow in self esteem.
  • Respect themselves, others and the environment.
  • Develop independence and learn to collaborate with others.
  • Become motivated, excited, enthusiastic, reflective learners.
  • Feel confident with themselves, adults and each other.
  • Build positive relationships with adults and peers.
  • Know that everyone is welcomed and equally valued irrespective of race, gender, disability or religion.
  • Respect, value and celebrate differences.

We put children at the heart of what we do.

We offer an environment where children can:

  • Have an opportunity to share ideas, views and opinions.
  • Can be listened to and respected.
  • Are offered a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum.
  • Can experience a rich, stimulating and dynamic learning environment.
  • Can learn through a well structured, well planned, creative curriculum approach.
  • Work with adults who value, respect, support and scaffold their learning. Experience adults working together in partnership with parents/carers and the community.

We believe it is every child’s right to be valued as a strong and competent learner with high self esteem.

We strongly advocate that all children must have access to a happy and caring environment in which they can thrive, where their knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence are fully supported and extended.

We believe that young children learn most effectively through being active, by organizing their own learning experiences, by using language and through considerate and respectful relationships and interactions with other children and adults.

We also believe they are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, rooted in the process of how young children develop and learn, based on their interests and previous experiences, thus enabling them to make connections and succeed.

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