Daniella Powell
She is always found playfully engaging your toddlers, she is very chatted a prefect mix for teaching new vocabulary to this age group.
Zamira Fuller
Zamira is full of energy and confidence. You will find her in the preschool followed by a troop children, as she skilfully entertains and teaches them new concepts.
Felicity Shapter
Fliss has 18 years of experience working with children. She has a post graduate diploma in early years and one in behaviour management. She has extensive experience working with SEN in particular Autism.
Gemma Lawerance
Gemma is a qualified teacher. She has extensive knowledge of SEN from working in SEN school and works as the SENco. Gemma is a passionate teacher and loves to teach your children new information. Her favorite subject is Understanding the
Isabel Rodrigues Perez
Has come from Spain where she worked as a mentor of teenagers. She has a keen interest in mental health and supporting young minds. She practices mindfulness and teaches our little one to express their feelings.
Parys Bravo
Parys came to us as a student and is now a fully fledged staff member. You will find Parys at her happiest singing and cuddling babies. She is also a great toddler room practitioner enthusiastic singing and chasing the little
Maria Reina Gonzalez
Maria has a gentle nature and teaches through modelling. Her quiet behaviour management is excellence for the toddlers teaching from boundaries without shame.
Vanessa Collings
Ness has over ten years of experience and travelled up from Cornwall to be with us. She has a Level 5 in childcare which is equivalent to a fountain degree.
Trystan Watkins
Trystan is an experienced practitioner who is capable of teaching with all ranges effectively. She has recently moved over from South Africa where she owned a small childcare facility. She speaks both Africans and English.
Naomi Harris
Naomi is fun loving and playful with the children she is happiest when playing physical games with the children. You will find her building dens and constructing obstacle courses for the children.