Exploring in the baby room

The baby room in our smallest area taking just 6 children. This gives the children a gentle introduction into the nursery. The advantages of a small room is that every child gets to know their keyworker, with only 2 members of staff in the room the children get consistent care. The children know the staff and the children know their carer. We are lucky to have the experienced Vanessa Collings running our baby room. Vanessa has over 10 years of experience and has worked as a deputy manager in another nursery.

The babies explore their environment and enjoy the variety of activities on offer. The babies have access to a large garden and enjoy the small slides and sand pit.

Building confidence through security

All children follow their own routine, if they sleep at 10am at home they sleep at 10am at nursery. At purple childcare we do not follow a “cry it out”method. Your child will be rocked, cuddled and smoothed to sleep by our experienced team. We believe in a child centred approach building confidence through security.

  • Song and music time
  • Smoothing and sensory time
  • Messy play
  • Physical activities