Halloween at Purple Childcare

The children have loved dressing up for halloween as have the adults.

Please see our facebook page for more photos https://www.facebook.com/PurpleChildcare

All the children brought in costumes and we had a few pre cleaned, covid safe spares.

Room on the broom

Our book of the week has been room on the broom and the children have been brewing up a storm of alliteration in their spell and cauldrons. “Ziggidy ziggidy zoom”. As we carved pumpkins and made pumpkin soup the children worked on describing words and extension of vocabulary. “Squishy, squashy soup” Some seeds were then collected and dried ready for planting in the spring. Hopefully we will revisit the photo’s and the children will remember.

Pumpkins comparison and measuring

One boy brought in a pumpkin he had grown from home that was 80cm in diameter. The children loved it. A member of staff brought one in as she had grown for comparison. It was 8cm in diameter. The children had a good go at measuring with the tapes and all agree on which one they liked the best!

Targets and goals

Halloween is not to everyone’s taste, here at purple childcare we aim to stick to the positive learning opportunity children can get out of any event. Without involving ourselves as much as possible with commercialization, and keeping it light and fun for the children.
Through this event we had the following opportunity

  • Sensory and exportation play
  • Alliteration and rhyming opportunity
  • Number extension
  • Shape, space and measure