Sensory learning through real objects

The toddlers have been enjoying exploring real flowers in their tuff tray. These activities are designed to stimulate all senses the toddlers have enjoyed smelling, cutting, tasting edible Flowers. Sensory activities help children with brain development, vocabulary growth, problem solving skills. Sensory play helps with cognitive growth and development, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. It encourages independent thinking and problem-solving.

Improving Language Skills

Sensory play opens up a whole new world of language development for children. How does it smell? sweet, fragrant. Does that taste sweet or sour? These are all new words that describe things in our world. You are teaching your children the words of the senses. This helps them with building a descriptive vocabulary.
• Sensory play
• Improve Concentration
• Builds Language skill
• Encourages independent thinking and problem solving.